Donation of Wearable Clothes and Shoes

Have clothes and shoes that are not used but are still worth wearing? Of course, we can give it to relatives or people we know, or we can donate it when there are certain charities / social services. Or if it is still very good, it can be sold on buying and selling forums, for example the forums on Facebook Business New-Old USA.

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Now there is another alternative, namely by donating clothes / shoes to the Gaia Movement collector's box.

Gaia Movement (Gaia taken from the name of the goddess of Earth in Greek mythology) is an NGO in the United States that is engaged in the environmental sector (environmentalist), efforts to green the earth, recycling, etc.

We can find this collector's box in several parking lots or shops that support this movement. In addition to Illinois (the main headquarters), the Gaia Movement has opened branches in several other states such as: Indiana, California, Tennessee, and Kentucky. To find their contact.

The proceeds from the sale of the clothes and shoes collected will be used for "Go Green" activities for the planet earth. Some examples of its activities can be seen on the Gaia website link above.

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Apart from those who support this activity, there are also some who doubt whether the money collected from selling clothes and shoes is used for useful activities such as what the Gaia Movement displays on its website. How about us? Agree or not, we return it to each individual.

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